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Shirley Q. Liquor
Shirley's three most popular albums are featured along with many unpublished tracks now available only for download.
Shirley Q Liquor
What started as funny answering machine messages from Shirley Q exploded into this famous character known to radio listeners from coast-to-coast. Since the late 90's Shirley has been entertaining radio audiences across the country with her unique perspective on life and politics. She appeared on syndicated radio programs such as the
Steve and DC Show, Ken Hamblin's "The Black Avenger" show and many more. Mrs Liquor is currently one of the stars of the popular syndicated Michael Berry program with her popular political "commentories" and helpful insight on daily living. She was featured in the June 2007 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine and received an invitation to audition for America's Got Talent . Below are sample tracks of Shirley's work. Purchase and download individual tracks or order the entire album. You can go to the Shirley Q Liquor CD Store to purchase hard copy CDs.
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College Fight Songs, Michael Berry Program Bits & More 
Some of Shirley's most popular tracks are her hilarious renditions of college fight songs from the SEC Conference and Texas, where Shirley is from. Many of her fans have asked for CDs with nothing but their favorite college fight song repeated throughout the CD for their tailgate parties. Here we have a collection of those most popular college fight songs along with some others thrown in that you may have not heard before and are not published on CDs. Once you download your selections, you can produce a CD with your favorites, even if you want the same track repeated throughout! 
Shirley is currently appearing in the popular syndicated Michael Berry Radio Program. Fans have been asking us to make her show bits available for download as well as her OOPS! Carpet Cleaning Commercials. Those bits are available here now. Exclusive Michael Berry Program bits are noted with (MB).